Open up your mouth… Insert Your Wallet!

This is what I like to refer to as: ‘Open up your mouth and insert your wallet!’

Another agent and I are discussing the finer details of a forthcoming offer on one of my listings. She has talked to her clients, the buyers, about offering $200,000 (just using this price as an example) on the home. She’s just waiting on them to get back home and sign it with electronic signatures.

Meanwhile, the seller opens the house back up for the buyers to have another ‘quick’ peak. And they let the buyers know that $180,000 is their rock bottom bottom line. No haggling. Cut to the chase!

So, the buyers meet back with their agent and guess what they draw the offer up for? $174,000!

Jessica Horton, why aren’t you in the ‘Million Dollar Club’?

This is a message that I got sent the other day:
Hello Jessica Horton, I was just curious and wanted to ask you about something…I know you are a Top notch Real Estate agent because of all the property that you sell. Every year the Barnesville Gazette prints a page in their newspaper showing all these different awards given to local Real Estate agents…I never have seen you on this page? Is it because you choose not to be involved with this or what? ?? I know you probably think I’m crazy for asking but I was just wondering. Thanks, Xxxxxxxxx
Back in 2005, I was nominated for a very prestigious national award, but the local board of Realtors(r) refused to endorse my nomination to the selection committee. In fact, they sabotaged it.
In 2006, I was nominated by three different people/entities for the same award. However, I was a member of two different boards. Again, the local area board of Realtors refused to endorse me. They gave a bad very report and tried to sabotage my nomination. However, the other board went out of their way to make sure that I was nominated. And they explained the pettiness and jealousy of the small town. board of Realtors
In June of 2006, I was awarded the ’30 under 30′ by Realtor Magazine. I was the second agent in the state to get it (Mark Spain had received it a few years earlier). And I was the first female real estate agent in the state to receive. it They also selected me to be a guest speaker for the National Association of Realtors and REBAC (Real Estate Buyers Agency Counsel) at the annual conference.
2005 and 2006 were tremendous years for me (this was right before the bottom fell out and real estate bubble popped!). I had sold several multi-million dollar subdivisions all throughout the state and I could have easily taken Top Producer or Top Team…
However, I elected not to participate in the Million Dollar Club. Why? Because they had blocked my nomination for two years in a row for the 30 Under 30. And I was tired of dealing with all the BS and pettiness. Plus, I didn’t want them having a copy of all my transactions and the closing statements for each one of them (they do this to verify how much money you make. You have to make at least $40,000 for every $1,000,000 in properties that you’ve sold). I don’t think this information should be shared with others. 
Well, I didn’t show up to turn in my application and supporting documentation. I think this floored them! Why? Because after the deadline was up… they called me and told me that they would make a special exception for me. If would come down that evening… they would still take my application. “You’ve worked very hard and I’m sure you want to be recognized for your achievements…”
Translation: “We’re a bunch of nosy ass busybodies and we’re willing to bend the rules in order to be all up in your business…”
I told them, “No.” And I’ve never participated in the “Million Dollar Club” since then.
In 2008, The National Association of Realtors(r) tried to bully me into supporting the Bail Out for the Real Estate Industry. I did not support the bail out. I was completely against it. And I didn’t like the way the NAR tried to use its lobbying power to pass this debt and burden onto our children and their children…
So, I cancelled my membership to the National Association of Realtors and I’ve never looked back.
I don’t need some local award to feel good about myself. I don’t need my picture in the newspaper. I don’t have to advertise that I’m a ‘Top Producer’  in the area. And I have absolutely no interest in attending a party and hearing lies from people who can’t stand me. I don’t do the whole “talk nice to your face, but stab you in the back” routine. I tell people what I think. And I do it straight to their faces. I don’t skulk in the shadows and scheme…
And the Board of Realtors –IN MY OPINION–is nothing but a den of hypocrites and sycophants. People all up in other people’s business. That’s not for me. I try to live a quiet life and mind my own business. Working hard.
So, you won’t ever see me in the paper with the other agents. I don’t participate in the Million Dollar Program. And I don’t support the local board. I’m a licensed real estate broker… that’s all I need to be. I don’t have to join a union to have ‘ethics.’ I answer to a much higher authority than a $300.00 membership and a 4 hour ethics class every three years (or whatever it is).
I don’t measure success in how many homes that I sell. I don’t measure success in how much money I make. Success to me is helping those who’ve put their trust and faith in me. To help them get where they want to go. When they want to be there. And to make it easier for them every step of the way.

So, this is the answer to your question. And I will gladly compare my track record against any other agent. I’m in the top 3% of the local market.